Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So it goes

And away we go! In two months we’ll have elected a new president. The Democrats have had their convention and the Repubs are having theirs this week. Both candidates have picked their running mates and both are taking heat for their choices. Obama, Mr. Change hisownself, picked a crusty old white guy who claimed that Obama was too inexperienced to be the Commander-In-Chief, a long-time, career politician, Joe Biden.

Why would he do such a thing? Well because our boy Joe has a ton of experience, specifically in foreign policy and the Obama campaign thought that would be good. So, Washington insider Joe Biden it is.

The more surprising pick was in crusty old white guy John McCain picking a former Miss. Alaska for his running mate. Sarah Palin was the mayor of a small town just a few years ago. Then she got elected to be the governor of Alaska, which many of you may be surprised to find out isn’t actually a part of Canada. Now, she’s campaigning to be the Vice-President of the United States. Not a bad 5 year plan there.

The thing about both picks that bugs me is how calculated they are in terms of getting votes. Obama has a perceived weakness, so he goes against his CHANGE message to pick a potential VP who has underwear older than himself. McCain recognizes a chance to capitalize on the disgruntled Hilary supporters who wanted her to be—at very least—Obama’s running mate, so he picks a woman.

If Obama can look me in the eye and tell me that if he were to die in office, that Joe Biden would forge on in the name of Change, I’d eat my shoe. If McCain can look me in the eye and tell me that of all the choices he had, that Sarah Palin is the most qualified person to lead our country should he die in office, then I’ll eat the other one.

Sadly, given the chance, these professional liars could pull it off and I’d be biting through the tough leathery taste of shoe polish for breakfast tomorrow.

So, my question is this, when the two people we have to choose from for the most powerful office in our government each lack the conviction to pick the person they’d truly like to have as their running mate—choosing instead to listen to strategizers and committees and planners and marketers who are basing their opinions strictly on vote gathering potential—then where do you sign up for Canadian citizenship?

Joining the Eh-Team isn’t my first choice mind you, but I can deal with only so much idiocy and I think if I worked really hard, I could learn to say aboot.

Mr. Obama, Change means standing up to the committees and planners and marketers and stratagizers and forging a new and exciting path. You almost had me believing you were legit in your dream of change. Joe Biden is not change.

Mr. McCain, it’s sad that we live in a country where women will vote for you because you have a female running mate, but that’s the fact. You probably will pick up a percentage of “Hilary Supporters” because of this move—which is a sad reflection on those women because Hilary and Sarah couldn’t be farther apart in their views. But let’s face it, Obama’s going to get a large portion of the black vote just because he is black man. So, you’ve picked this unknown, unproven woman to be your running mate because your party is so devoid of women and minorities that this was your best shot.

For both of you, your choice in running mate was all about PR and nothing about what you stand for, what you envision for your country, nothing to do with your plan for our country. In both cases, we’re one heartbeat away from something completely different than the product you’ve been trying to sell us.

That’s unnerving.

I know that racism still exists in this country and I genuinely worry that some bigot is going to shoot you Mr. Obama. And if you die, I’m left with President Biden.

Let’s face it, you’re no spring chicken Mr. McCain, the older you get the higher the chance some part of your body is going to say, “no more—I’m done.” And if you die, I’m left with President Palin.

Neither choice thrills me. Biden is more of the same, he’s the anti-Obama, there’s no change under President Biden, there’s no sweeping reform, no bringing together of the parties for the greater good. Palin likes to hunt and fish and is against abortion. That’s great. Half a term as governor in Alaska and a few years as a mayor of a small town are not the training ground I want for my President.

We have two candidates, so insecure about their ability to win this election that they have already sold out in an effort to squeeze a few votes here and there. Honestly, if either of them had picked a partner instead of a symbol, they’d probably have won my vote right then and there.

As it is, I’m left, once again, to weigh the lesser of two evils. As it is, any excitement I may have had about this election being a turning point for our country has been spoiled. And the United Sheep of America don’t even seem to notice. We fail to see the forest for the trees. Once again, we fall for the brightest advertisement, the best marketing, the most dazzling presentation—and fail to look for substance underneath.

Ooh! Shiny! Sparkly! Pretty! Vote cast. Election won. America. So it goes.

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Kate said...

ah, but there's another tactical reason for palin... she's christian. very christian. republicans like to keep the right-wing sunday-morning christians happy as pie. spout things like, "abortion is whack" and "good christian values," and you have yourself your very own army of god (whether he's in agreement or not).

this is a fantastic post!!! xx